A black-figure lekythos of classical form with a pyriform body resting on a disk base, with a strap handle and long neck terminating in a funnel mouth. The front of the vessel has a figurative decoration. There are wide, plain black bands encircling the base and the mouth, and parallel lines are drawn on the shoulders. In the upper section of the body there is an encircling band of strokes.

A lekythos is a type of Greek pottery used to store perfumed oil to be used to anoint the body. This sort of vessel was also used for funerary purposes. It is characterized by its elongated form, narrow neck and wide mouth which facilitates application of the oil while controlling the flow.

The technique of black-figure painting was based on the use of a transparent slip which, on firing, acquired an intense brilliant black tone. As the motifs were not visible before the firing, the painters had to work completely from memory without seeing their earlier work. When the piece was fired the zones not covered by the glossy slip maintained the reddish tone of the clay vessel while the glazed, “painted” areas took on a dense and brilliant black tone. The black-figure technique was introduced into Corinth around 700 B.C. and was adopted by Attic artists in the orientalizing period (725-625 B.C.). At that time the great series of black-figure vase painting began which had its main center in Athens and continued until the beginning of the 5th Century B.C.

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