Sculpture of a torso

A fragment of an Egyptian sculpture representing the torso, the arms and the upper section of the legs of a noble person. The man is in a standing position and seen frontally with both arms extended down on either side of his body and with the fists closed, following the traditional iconography of Egyptian statues. If the piece were complete it would have the feet placed as if the figure were walking, with the left foot slightly extended to the front. The dorsal column which gave stability to the piece can be seen at the back of the statue.

For the Ancient Egyptians, everything that appeared in representations, either free-standing or in wall reliefs, acquired life. Given this belief it is logical to believe that in a burial, those who could afford it, and following Egyptian canons, placed sculptures that represented them in their tombs as well as representations on the walls of these, always as an idealized image. The sculpture perpetuated the physical integrity and the identity of the deceased, so while the body disappeared, the person continued to be alive in the other world. The free spaces on thrones, wall pillars and bases were used for inscriptions giving the name of the deceased and the owner, along with the person’s title, and also a number of magic formulas and formulas for offerings. The latter were necessary so that the deceased could continue to receive nourishment for all eternity.

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