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Hephaestus Legacy

A memorial to a private collection of ancient rings and glyptics

33.7 x 24.7cm, 192 páginas

Over eighty years ago a German businessman who had settled in Barcelona decided to start collecting diverse
archeological objects, focusing on those used by men and women to decorate their bodies. Perhaps he did this
by chance, or perhaps he was carried along on the wave of a fashion along with others from the enlightened
classes who, from the 17th Century on, devoted themselves to collecting antique and exotic objects, often
picked up on voyages to faraway lands. These would then form part of cabinets full of curiosities, or of great
collections which, together with the collections of kings and noblemen, would become what are today the
greatest art museums in the world.
Years later, the grandson, following in the steps of the grandfather who had already collected more than one
hundred and fifty rings, intaglios and cameos, widened and improved this collection ? which he rescued from
a display case in some corner of the family home – until it was twenty times its original size. In this collection
of more than two thousand rings, intaglios and cameos, we can find pieces representative of all the cultures that
flourished around the Mediterranean: work from the 6th Millennium B.C. in the Middle East, from Ancient
Egypt, from Greece, pieces produced by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, marvellous examples from a wide
range of cultures from pre-Roman Europe along with a great quantity from the most magnificent era of the
Roman Empire, examples from the Byzantine Empire and Medieval Europe, a selection from the Islamic world
and finally, a small number of pieces from the Renaissance to the 19th Century.
Today the Gallery J. Bagot Arqueología ? Ancient Art takes pleasure in presenting this impressive collection to
historians, lovers of art and collectors through the exhibition and publication of a selection of the pieces of
highest quality. More than eight hundred rings, intaglios and cameos now reappear to transmit the same
enthusiasm that the collector felt as he acquired one by one these little works.

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