Anthropomorphic figurine

An interesting terracotta figurine in the Autlán style representing a woman without apparent sexual characteristics, as was common with this type of figurines. She is wearing a headdress and a loincloth highly adorned with geometric incisions around the hips. She is also wearing beaded bracelets on both arms above the elbow and a high necklace with two pendants hanging centrally over the chest. The eyes are wide and clearly incised and the hair appears from under the headdress, exhibiting delicate details to give greater realism. The body is thin as are the arms, contrasting with the wide hips and considerable thighs. This piece must be understood as an amulet or object used during some fertility rite.

The cultures of the west of Mexico stand out from other Pre-Colombian cultures for their vast production of pottery, and for its unequalled quality and variety. The pieces were destined to form part of the grave goods of the deceased, and for this reason they have been found almost in their entirety in tombs. This factor has been decisive for their conservation up to present times, as they have been found practically intact and with their original appearance.

The range of motifs and typologies in the cultures of Colima, Nayarit and Jalisco is very wide, and has been of great use in discovering the traditions and practices of these Mesoamerican peoples.

In this case the figure belongs to the Jalisco culture in the specific style of Autlán. This is nothing more than the name of the region where these types of objects characteristic of the state of Jalisco were found.

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