During the Mesoamerican Pre-Classic era, a great tradition grew up of making small stone objects in the zone of Guerrero as well as along the Mexican Pacific coast. Three well differentiated, but related styles can be identified: Mezcala, Chontal and Sultepec.

The Mezcala style was defined in the decade of the 1960s, documented by stone pieces made from calcite, diorite, andesite, meta-diorite, serpentinite, porphyry, among other types of stone. These are thought to originate in the basin of the River Mezcala, in the state of Guerrero. They are characterized by their schematic form and faintly suggested features, and include figurines, masks and small temples among the most common types, along with jaguars, frogs, monkeys and birds, or tools like axes, chisels, burins and buffers.

Using only rudimentary tools, the stoneware artisans of Guerrero created objects that represented anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures or architectural structures, reducing the forms to their purest essence. As the rendering of these pieces is defined by their simplicity and their strong geometrical forms, they connect closely with modern aesthetic sensibilities.


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