Pine cone form moulded vase

A pottery vase from the Campania region in the figurative form of a pine cone. Its vase form resembles to a degree that of a lekythos, although this piece is moulded. The technique of decoration used is the application of a black glaze over the entire surface.

This vessel is not painted, unlike most pieces of Greek pottery. The clay has been shaped to achieve the desired form. Forms of this type are called plastic or sculptural. It is quite common to find pottery recipients in the form of animals with human heads, or fruit, but which at the same time still have the relevant components, the handle, the base and the mouth or spout. This example represents a pine cone with a pine sprig on either side of the vase.

As in the case of a lekythos, this vase was used to store perfumed oil for use in personal hygiene, and also to store other unguents.

Black-glaze technique used the same technique as that of red- and black-figure vases. However, the black glaze covers the entire surface, without any figurative decoration. A transparent glaze was applied over the raw clay, which took on the characteristic intense, brilliant black tone after firing.

With thermoluminescence test.


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